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Recommended reading

SW testing and Requirements book list

The list is a compilation of books that I read, and my evaluation of their value.



Product Quality Release Criteria

QRC tables

This file contains examples for Product Quality release criteria (QRC). There are two flavors: One flavor has criteria for each milestone (sheets pre-Alpha, Alpha, Beta, Gold) and one flavor has all the criteria in one large table (“Shorter, One-page option” sheet). The short option is indeed shorter – it contains less release criteria.

The file is offered as-is with no guarantee that it will solve global warming, world peace or your specific project’s problems.

See more information in the “How to use this file” sheet.



A proposal for academic curriculum in Software Quality

SW Quality curriculum

This curriculum proposal was developed in 2014 by Gershon Shmuel with contributions from Ron Moussaffi (Intel), Dan Almog (Ben-Gurion University) and myself.

It can be used for a major track within a Computer Science degree – or can be the basis for a 3 or 4 years’ Software Quality degree (and isn’t this something to look forward to?!)



Tools Rules – checklist and utilities

Tools Rules checklist – a checklist for the actions to do when developing a test tool, to increase use of the tool and re-use of the code.

UpVersion utility – instructions how to auto-increment the version of a C++ tool in Microsoft’s Visual Studio. Includes a simple utility that helps achieve this.

ExeUpversion utility – A small utility to set the version on any Windows .exe file. Includes a batch file for auto-incrementing a version.